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Automate all your calls with AI

With our software you can automate incoming and outgoing phone and web calls. Setup your AI phone support agent or schedule calls to thousands of phone numbers.

Closed beta. Stay tuned for the public release of our platform.

Use Cases

Solutions for all industries

Whether it’s surveys, customer support, reception services, outbound sales, lead generation, telehealth services, online and drive-through ordering, employee training, roleplaying scenarios, or any other solution you wish to create.

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Conduct automated surveys to gather valuable feedback from your customers. Our voice AI can engage with respondents, ask predefined questions, and record their responses, ensuring high response rates and accurate data collection.


Simplify the process of collecting RSVPs for your events. Cognitive Calls can reach out to your invitees, provide event details, and record their attendance confirmation, making event planning seamless and efficient.

Sales follow-up

Ensure timely and effective follow-up with potential customers. Our platform can automate follow-up calls, provide personalized messages, and gather feedback, helping you close more deals and improve customer satisfaction.

Recruiting follow-up

Streamline your recruitment process with automated follow-up calls to candidates. Cognitive Calls can provide interview details, answer common questions, and schedule further steps, enhancing your hiring efficiency.

Debt collection

Automate your debt collection process with our voice AI. It can make reminder calls, provide payment options, and collect payments, ensuring a smooth and respectful interaction with your clients.

Telehealth check-ins

Enhance patient care with automated telehealth check-ins. Our platform can call patients to check on their health status, remind them of appointments, and provide important health information, ensuring they receive timely care.


Automate outgoing reminder calls for appointments, events, deadlines, and other important tasks. Cognitive Calls ensures your reminders are delivered efficiently, reducing the chances of missed commitments.


Receive alerts for critical situations such as server or service downtime, failures, and emergencies. AI calls ensure that the message is received and acknowledged, offering a more reliable communication method compared to simple SMS or email notifications.

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Dental Office, appointment scheduling and FAQ. Feel free to ask about doctors' backgrounds, services, and book an appointment. You'll be called by your name and you'll receive a follow-up email with a complete call evaluation if you ask for it.

  • We'll not send you emails or call you unless you opt-in during the call.
  • We do store all call recordings, transcripts, and evaluated results for quality assurance, analysis, and to prevent misuse. This helps us continuously improve our software and services.
  • We don't sell your information.

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Our Manifesto

Better calls. Better workflows.

At Cognitive Calls, we are driven by a singular vision: to develop and foster real-life, human-like conversations through our advanced voice AI solutions.

Cognitive Calls Platform - Agents

We develop voice AI solutions that mimic natural human conversations, leveraging advanced AI, machine learning, and natural language processing. Whether through phone or web, our goal is to make every interaction feel personal and genuine.

  • Replacing Repetitive, Stressful Jobs Cognitive Calls is designed to take over repetitive, boring, and stressful tasks, freeing up valuable time for your team. By automating routine interactions and tasks, we reduce the burden on your staff, allowing them to focus on more meaningful and engaging work. This not only improves job satisfaction but also enhances overall productivity and efficiency.
  • End-to-End Task Automation Our focus extends beyond voice technology to complete end-to-end task automation. Cognitive Calls offers a feature-rich platform with robust integrations, ready to use out-of-the-box, and designed to simplify complex business processes.
  • Real Business Use Cases We thrive on addressing real business needs, ensuring our solutions are practical and effective. Cognitive Calls is designed to be easy to use for everyone in a business setting, not just tech-savvy users. We prioritize seamless integration with commonly used business applications, providing an all-in-one platform that simplifies complex processes and improves operational efficiency.
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End-to-End Automation

All-in-one platform

Cognitive Calls provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance your business communications and streamline operations.

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Call Management
Assign phone numbers, import or sync contacts, and manage scheduled calls effortlessly.
Customer Interaction
Interactive support agents, advanced call routing, and integration with knowledge bases.
Integration Capabilities
CRM, appointment scheduling, survey software integrations, and access to call transcripts and recordings.
Custom Functions
Custom functions and webhooks, automatic sentiment analysis, and call/contact scoring.
Advanced Evaluations
Custom evaluations and large language models (LLM) for information extraction.
Voice Interface Integration
Add voice interfaces to software via phone, web, or mobile applications for various use cases.
Real-Time Analytics and Reports
Monitor campaigns in real-time and generate detailed reports with integrations like Segment, Google Analytics, and more.
In-Browser Call Embed (WebRTC)
Embed audio-video features into websites or apps using WebRTC, with customizable branding settings.
Security and Privacy
Manage opt-outs, remove or anonymize end-user data upon request, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
Built-in Evaluations
Conduct sentiment analysis to gauge the emotional tone of interactions.